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The Lost of a Legend R.I.P. Bruno Sammartino.

Yesterday the WWE Lost a legend and Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino died at the age of 82. He will be missed watching Bruno wrestle was a thing of beauty.

So God bless you Bruno you are up there now looking down in the WWE with the lights of Junkyard Dog, George The Animal Steele, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, and Mr. Perfect. I can go on and on my point is thank you for the great matches and the awesome memories, so he is for you Bruno Sammartino the champion of champions.

Watch “Jim Cornette on Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (WWE NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Review)” on YouTube

So Jim Cornette lives in the past don’t get me wrong I am a big Jim Cornette fan I’ve been a fan since the old WWF but I have to disagree big time on his comments on last weekend WrestleMania weekend. First of all WrestleMania weekend kicked it off with WWE NXT takeover New Orleans. I thought it was a great kickoff to the Wrestlemania weekend and to me one of the best matches was the main event on ascension match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa which to me was the match of the night next to the ladder match that had at the beginning of the night. Now Jim would say otherwise.

For example he was bitching about how Johnny Gargano face look in the match how it wasn’t mean enough or sad enough or all these crazy emotions, I’m like dude it’s a wrestling that’s just enjoy the damn match. Now don’t get me wrong I respect Jim cornette in a great way but lately he sounds better harden on being let go from the WWE all those years ago.

Now is the WWE the same as they used to be? Absolutely not, but you have to evolve and change with the times the WWE cannot do what they used to do anymore, Jim cornette still lives in the past talking about wrestling like it’s still the 70s and 80s. But if I’m being a little too harsh on Jim please let me know but listen to his comments and you be the judge.

The 9Th Wonder of the World!! Dead at 45 R.I.P. Chyna

WWE has lost another great Legend today, Joanie Laurer aka Chyna pass away this morning at the very young age of 45. Chyna came from The WWE Attitude Era and back then she was sitting and breaking records, she was the first women to enter The WWE Royal Rumble, she was the first and only women to win The WWE Intercontinental Championship. Chyna open up doors for the women’s division in The WWE now, so R.I.P. Chyna thank you entertaining us with great matches that I’ll never forget and being one of the greatest WWE Legend of all Time.