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The 9Th Wonder of the World!! Dead at 45 R.I.P. Chyna

WWE has lost another great Legend today, Joanie Laurer aka Chyna pass away this morning at the very young age of 45. Chyna came from The WWE Attitude Era and back then she was sitting and breaking records, she was the first women to enter The WWE Royal Rumble, she was the first and only women to win The WWE Intercontinental Championship. Chyna open up doors for the women’s division in The WWE now, so R.I.P. Chyna thank you entertaining us with great matches that I’ll never forget and being one of the greatest WWE Legend of all Time.


Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!

Tonight is The WWE Royal Rumble and I for one can’t wait!! This is my favorite time of year because this is the road to WrestleMania and I love it!! Tonight history will be made as WWE Champion Roman Reigns will put his title on against 29 other WWE Superstars this is going to be good. I got my food ready fire up my WWE Network and can’t wait to see what happens.

London Calling.

NXT has done it again! Yesterday NXT went seas or should I say over the pond to London for the first time and let me tell you NXT rocked! These superstars and divas are the future of the WWE and let me tell you the future is looking oh so good! As you well know I’m a big NXT fan and this one was awesome πŸ™† I’m not going to give anything away but take my word for it it was real good.

It started with Triple H opening the show and as once again as you know I’m a big Triple H fan so I just lost it, and on a side note πŸ“ Triple H better kick Roman’s ass for that shit he pulled on Sunday put back to NXT Wednesdays show was awesome.

So I’m just saying if you didn’t see NXT Take Over London yesterday then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Get The WWE Network and watch it! Just me you’re love it!


OMG! NXT was so good last night I am a huge fan! And I hate to say this but it’s better than Raw and SmackDown combined. And if you didn’t see it then I don’t know what to tell you my friends but you are really missing out on something awesome πŸ™†

I don’t want to give anything away but next month NXT is going to be in for NXT Take Over and I for one can’t wait! So I’m all in and you should to become the future is now and it’s call NXT!!!