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Everyone Needs A Token Baby Jesus At Christmas

OMG!!! This article is so good!! Lol!! 🙂

My Midlife Mayhem

I’ve got earache.

00BA9250-7381-4795-B529-E70368E87F54.jpg The Princess was too mature to adorn the silly moustache. Obviously, mine is real!

It’s either payback for jumping into the pool for that revitalising swim on Christmas Day, (sometime between dessert and cheese), to celebrate the end of a glorious lunch that finally made it to the table in spite of my oven’s best attempts at sabotage when it decided to switch off halfway through cooking the turkey.

Needless to say, I remained calm, if ‘calm’ can be defined as drowning in a bottle of Moet. You can only imagine the military operation to get it going again – thank you God, Google and the Bosch forum.

Or it might have been caused by the swim on Boxing Day morning to help clear the Whisky cobwebs and give the locals a good laugh at my first attempt to glide gracefuly through the water with my new…

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Good So Far.

Well I’m one week into my new job and I have to say it’s not bad it’s good here at Calvin Klein and everyone has been so helpful. Showing me around and helping me out has been great. This will be my last week to have weekends off next week I start working on weekends and it’s going to be good. I’m going to do 40 hours on the weekends and have the week off! It’s going to be awesome 🙆