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Watch “Charlotte Winslow – Sucker For You – Official Audio” on YouTube

This hot new artist from Canada 21 year old Charlotte Winslow is Making Waves on the charts with her new hit single sucker for you. It’s really not a bad song she has an old school style to her music and I like it a lot I see nothing but big things for this young artist and songwriter.

So please check out Charlotte’s YouTube page and follow her on Instagram I assure you you won’t be disappointed this young girl got a bright future.

Numb, R.I.P. Chester Bennington

So this past week we have lost one of my favorite front men of one of my favorite bands Linkin Park. Chester Bennington die at the very young age of 41 due to suicide by hanging himself, and it’s crazy because not that long ago front man Chris Cornell of SoundGarden took his own life the same way. Its just sad all around and more importantly both families are now suffering and I just feel bad for them.  So I hope Chester finds pace wherever he’s at, I’m not a fan of suicide but I’m going to miss his music he was so talented.  R.I.P. Chester Linkin Park will never be the same with out you, thank you for the years of awesome music!!!