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Watch “WPLJ 95.5 New York – End of WPLJ Announcement – Todd & Jayde – May 8 2019” on YouTube

Wow this is an end of an era 95.5 PLJ is now officially off the air I just heard the Last Broadcast and I am very sad I know I say this a lot and I truly mean it part of my childhood truly died just now, I’ve been listening to PLJ since I was a kid and they hear it go off the air brings tears to my eyes I really miss all of the Antics in the morning growing up listening to Scott & Todd in the morning just won’t be the same radio is officially dead this is just a sad day. I just want to say the PLJ thank you for all the memories and a good times and being the soundtrack of my life thank you so much PLJ good luck to everybody on their future endeavors PLJ for always in my heart live forever.