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Smile Like You Mean It.

I wrote this blog a few years ago all because I told a female friend to smile because she has a great smile it lights up the room.  But she gets mad and said it’s offensive, WOW!!! REALLY!!?? I don’t get it? Not to sound like an ass but I fine that very dumb!! If someone ask me to smile I won’t get mad nor offended friends who know me knows I love to smile.  🙂  So ladies I just want to know how do you feel about this? And why is it so offensive?

What a Dumb ASS!!!


U.S. President Donald Trump is signing up a storm. Photo from Getty Images
This jackass is destroying The Constitution as we know it. This is just so sad first you take away people medical insurance aka Obama Care, and now you are issuing an Executive order to not allow immigrants to enter the country!? News flash dumb ass!! This country was built off  of hard working immigrants and good people. Damn man how do you sleep at night!!??