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Horror survival is back! Watch “RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Trailer (E3 2018)” on YouTube

So the wait is over and Resident Evil 2 has arrived and let me tell you it’s really good and scary I normally don’t like remix too often but this is a great remake I must play! Since Resident Evil 7 Capcom has been on the right track and now putting out Resident Evil 2 remake like I said survival horror is back.

Now for all those people who was hating on Resident Evil 7 the hell with you all I actually love Resident Evil 7 I thought it was a great game I’m not a big fan of first person view games but that was a really good one it scared the shit out of me and I love every minute of it! And if it wasn’t for Resident Evil 7 we wouldn’t have a remake a Resident Evil 2 just wrap your head around that for a minute for all the haters of 7. But definitely I must play Resident Evil 2 remake.


Watch “Stan Lee muses on his final New York Comic Con” on YouTube R.I.P. Stan Lee.

Excelsior! Here I Go Again saying goodbye to another childhood hero another part of my childhood has gone and passed away. As a big geek this was a heavy blow to my childhood I will miss Stan Lee half my comic collection is Marvel and like every kid in this entire world we grew up reading Marvel and my first Marvel comic I have arrived with the Fantastic Four but like everybody in this world we can all truly relate two Spider-Man so thank you mr. Lee for the great memories and awesome comics and storytelling you have gave to us over the years now you are given our Lord and savior great and awesome stories! God bless!