Watch “WPLJ 95.5 New York – End of WPLJ Announcement – Todd & Jayde – May 8 2019” on YouTube

Wow this is an end of an era 95.5 PLJ is now officially off the air I just heard the Last Broadcast and I am very sad I know I say this a lot and I truly mean it part of my childhood truly died just now, I’ve been listening to PLJ since I was a kid and they hear it go off the air brings tears to my eyes I really miss all of the Antics in the morning growing up listening to Scott & Todd in the morning just won’t be the same radio is officially dead this is just a sad day. I just want to say the PLJ thank you for all the memories and a good times and being the soundtrack of my life thank you so much PLJ good luck to everybody on their future endeavors PLJ for always in my heart live forever.

2 thoughts on “Watch “WPLJ 95.5 New York – End of WPLJ Announcement – Todd & Jayde – May 8 2019” on YouTube”

  1. What a time to close the gap of communication with my Bronxite friend. In time to shed a tear for an icon that has stretched to its end. We must deal with things do end; –but do they really. Think Michael Jackson, bodily he is gone but memory can be so real, coming deep out of the conscious where we can not stop the dreams so real.

    95.5 that call rings so clear.

    We are well here, and winter is on you folks again – snow is just a dream memory now here in the ever sunny Philippines. Never thought I’d really adjust to the ever green nation, but it’s not an optional living, is it. Have a Merry & Happy / Ending & Beginning

    Life goes on
    Love too when shared….

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