Watch “Stan Lee muses on his final New York Comic Con” on YouTube R.I.P. Stan Lee.

Excelsior! Here I Go Again saying goodbye to another childhood hero another part of my childhood has gone and passed away. As a big geek this was a heavy blow to my childhood I will miss Stan Lee half my comic collection is Marvel and like every kid in this entire world we grew up reading Marvel and my first Marvel comic I have arrived with the Fantastic Four but like everybody in this world we can all truly relate two Spider-Man so thank you mr. Lee for the great memories and awesome comics and storytelling you have gave to us over the years now you are given our Lord and savior great and awesome stories! God bless!

3 thoughts on “Watch “Stan Lee muses on his final New York Comic Con” on YouTube R.I.P. Stan Lee.”

  1. Heavy blows to our childhood do make huge impact, just thinking we are still around to remember or mourn. In my childhood I didn’t much think of collecting memorable things. My interest was always get outdoors, move by any means possible, foot mileage took me everywhere within reason, then came the bicycle and on that for hours. Round trips to distant points from the Bronx to Brooklyn close to Queens, and over the George Washington Bridge to meet a friend in a town not recalled to memory at this moment. He delivered newspaper and was a hunting knife enthusiast as I was at the time.

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