To Infinity and Beyond:My Review on The Avenger: Infinity Wars.

Disney and Marvel has done it again this was 10 years in the making I know my review is a little late but here we go and yes no spoilers. I mean if you haven’t seen this movie yet what are you waiting for Avengers Infinity Wars is Cinematic masterpiece as a comic book reader and fan this was literally The Infinity Gauntlet which I have read so many years ago on the big screen my God what a treat.

Once again the Russo Brothers and Kevin feige and Disney showing you how Marvel should be done to have all these characters and one movie and utilize them in such a way that was just masterful. I mean the MCU executed this 10-year mission so perfectly to finally bring the big bad Thanos to the big screen did not disappoint Josh Brolin Josh Brolin brought Thanos to life in such a way you forgot that Thanos was CG.

You have so many good characters in this movie from the Guardians of the Galaxy to The Avengers Spider-Man Doctor Strange it was just so good and the black order the children of Thanos was so good great villains. What I’m trying to say is this movie is a must-see even if you’re not a big comic book fan or comic book movie fan this story in this movie will capture you and leave you on the edge of your seat. I give this movie 10 out of 10. I definitely definitely must see.

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