Watch “Jim Cornette on Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (WWE NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Review)” on YouTube

So Jim Cornette lives in the past don’t get me wrong I am a big Jim Cornette fan I’ve been a fan since the old WWF but I have to disagree big time on his comments on last weekend WrestleMania weekend. First of all WrestleMania weekend kicked it off with WWE NXT takeover New Orleans. I thought it was a great kickoff to the Wrestlemania weekend and to me one of the best matches was the main event on ascension match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa which to me was the match of the night next to the ladder match that had at the beginning of the night. Now Jim would say otherwise.

For example he was bitching about how Johnny Gargano face look in the match how it wasn’t mean enough or sad enough or all these crazy emotions, I’m like dude it’s a wrestling that’s just enjoy the damn match. Now don’t get me wrong I respect Jim cornette in a great way but lately he sounds better harden on being let go from the WWE all those years ago.

Now is the WWE the same as they used to be? Absolutely not, but you have to evolve and change with the times the WWE cannot do what they used to do anymore, Jim cornette still lives in the past talking about wrestling like it’s still the 70s and 80s. But if I’m being a little too harsh on Jim please let me know but listen to his comments and you be the judge.

11 thoughts on “Watch “Jim Cornette on Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (WWE NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Review)” on YouTube”

  1. He just sound like he misses character based wrestling if you ask me and that’s just not the way wrestling is built these days. It’s a variety of things even tho character based wrestlers tend to take a back seat now. Example: rusev day rumored to be gone from the company even tho he was a big merch seller this year…

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    1. Oh my God Rusev are you serious!!?? I like Rusev and I love Rusev day!! But you definitely right about that wrestling will never be the same like it used to be but it’s still entertaining.


      1. I like a few things here in there in wrestling still but it’s just not easy getting behind someone when wwe doesn’t cater to fans like they used too. Rusev Day being a great example of that so I watch but I don’t get invested like I did in the 80’s 90’s and hell, even up to the mid 2000’s during the ruthless aggression era

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      2. You ain’t lying about that that’s why I hate to say it but I love NXT a lot better in the main roster they just got more better Talent wrestlers and storylines it’s just better.


      3. Nxt rules and it’s like once the top talent leaves that place I don’t want to see what the main roster does with them and my last straw is when they dropped the ball on both Bailey and shinsuke who are not only cash cows but easy booking. It really made me see that these guys don’t know what they are doing anymore when they botched those two.


      4. Which is sad considering the level of talent they got on that roster, I mean they can do a whole new era with those new names. I mean taker could have been in the hall of fame by now if they transitioned over to Wyatt or even Matt now that they have him there. But it’s like they too focused on having one top guy like roman

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      5. Don’t get me started on Roman I can’t stand him and yet it WWE it’s a stuffing Roman Reigns down people’s throats and over and over again the fans reject them but yet they keep on trying I just don’t understand why?!


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