Hollywood for Governor.

Here we go again another non-politician running for an office this time it’s for the governor’s office and this time it’s Sex in the City’s very own Cynthia Nixon AKA Miranda. I am getting sick and tired of seeing celebrities running for office who has no experience in politics the last time we had this happen well you know.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Cuomo fan either but leave the politics to the politicians, I have a lot of respect for Cynthia Nixon as an actress and activist but I’m getting tired of Hollywood throwing their hats in any type of political office either be city-state or whatever. I know this happened before either with Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger they all ran for office they are won and how did that turned out I’ll tell you with higher taxes a crippled country in the 80s and a messed up California state this has to stop.

I’m just saying we need more politicians with experience running for these offices then actors actresses Hollywood in general because if we keep this up Hollywood’s going to have a new reality show called Hollywood politicians starting Donald Trump oh wait we already have this show in progress.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood for Governor.”

  1. Corrupt; –bad acting politicians should be sent to Hollywood for an ideal change of career. Government is no place for professional entertainment actors, even those who are in the MS(non)M news outlet, with all their make-up, dress up, men & women hair stylist. Let actors express their opinions, but stay out of politics; –not a place for improperly prepared citizens…. IMHO

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    1. Exactly my friend is good to have your opinion but stick to acting they think because they got money to run in a campaign that once they win they think they got was best for us and they don’t and it’s too overwhelming for them when I realize this is not Hollywood it’s politics. To me I think it’s a big ego trip for them.


      1. ego? Money… it is all about the money… access to piles of it… coming from special interests who keep them in office if they can successfully continue to hood-wink their constituents….

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