Watch “Charlotte Winslow – Sucker For You – Official Audio” on YouTube

This hot new artist from Canada 21 year old Charlotte Winslow is Making Waves on the charts with her new hit single sucker for you. It’s really not a bad song she has an old school style to her music and I like it a lot I see nothing but big things for this young artist and songwriter.

So please check out Charlotte’s YouTube page and follow her on Instagram I assure you you won’t be disappointed this young girl got a bright future.

Watch “‘Roseanne’ reboot gets political” on YouTube

On Tuesday night after 20 years Roseanne is back on the air and let me tell you it was not bad I’m not going to lie I was very skeptical of a reboot after 20 years but I have hope for this new season, it was good see everybody return from the original series. It definitely has a spin on it especially with the political views between Jackie and Roseanne I thought that was really cool and very hilarious. This season is going to be real good I can’t wait to watch more. Welcome back Roseanne.

The March is On!!

Yesterday these kids show this that this country is not going to take gun violence anymore and I for one am so proud of them the government needs to wake up the country is tired of the killing and death of innocent young kids in school’s today. I mean come on it’s just not right kids shouldn’t trade books for guns pencils for bullets school uniforms for bulletproof vest this has to stop.

I hope this opens up the president’s eyes after all he and his party are big contributors to the NRA for years they were feeding money’s to this monster without a care in the world on the consequences it may have. I understand the right to bear arms part of our Amendment but it doesn’t explain how these kids are getting top-notch grade A assault rifles something has to give new legislation has to be made and our government has to step up.

Hollywood for Governor.

Here we go again another non-politician running for an office this time it’s for the governor’s office and this time it’s Sex in the City’s very own Cynthia Nixon AKA Miranda. I am getting sick and tired of seeing celebrities running for office who has no experience in politics the last time we had this happen well you know.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Cuomo fan either but leave the politics to the politicians, I have a lot of respect for Cynthia Nixon as an actress and activist but I’m getting tired of Hollywood throwing their hats in any type of political office either be city-state or whatever. I know this happened before either with Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger they all ran for office they are won and how did that turned out I’ll tell you with higher taxes a crippled country in the 80s and a messed up California state this has to stop.

I’m just saying we need more politicians with experience running for these offices then actors actresses Hollywood in general because if we keep this up Hollywood’s going to have a new reality show called Hollywood politicians starting Donald Trump oh wait we already have this show in progress.

Watch “Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube

So I finished watching Jessica Jones season 2 and I must say it was awesome I think it was a little deeper than season 1 story wise and I love season 1 but season 2 went more deeper into Jessica’s background. What season 2 went more deeper into Jessica’s background. Now villain wise overall season 1 had the best villain now villain wise overall season 1 had the best villain I mean come on you just can’t beat the performance of The Purple Man played brilliantly bye David Tennant you know. But overall season 2 is deeper and darker and coming off the heels of the Defenders I think it hit the mark. Looking forward the season 3.

Arming our teachers is this right?

Wow your president is at it again he wants to make teachers into soldiers and give teachers guns for school I don’t know about you but this is really crazy teachers are meant to teach not to fight a war in school what your president needs to do is put stronger laws on owning machine guns and Guns of mass destruction or War.

I understand the right to bear arms but teachers with guns in school is just not right I understand the right to bear arms but teachers with guns and school is just not right.