I Spy.

So today when I was watching the news they say that the billboards in Time Sq are spying on us though our cellphones that’s crazy!! And if it’s true all I can say is wow!!!! That’s not cool that means that every time I walk though Time Sq with my cellphone off that’s not good I need my phone you know. But now these days everything is spying on you, Edward Snowden had proof that The NSA was spying on us by using our phones so why not billboards.

I don’t know if you remember this scene in a movie call “Minority Report” when Tom Cruise was walking through a mall when this electronic billboard took all of his info just by reading his eyes, I know sounds scary but the way technology is going it just may come to that. For the sake of us all I hope not and I hope the was a crazy report I saw on the news because you know as well as I that the news could be great fear mongers, and that’s what they live off and do best.

Don’t get me wrong I love technology I couldn’t send out my blog with out it lol!! I’m just saying be careful out there people the world is watching.

4 thoughts on “I Spy.”

  1. Ever stop to think about the built in webcam on each of our computers? I mean… is it ever really turned off? Just one more thing to wonder about? Worry about?

    Thanks for commenting and following my blog. Welcome to my small segment of the WWW. I’m now following your blog, too.


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