A Life Of A Bully. My Movie Review

There’s a documentary film by Amy S. Weber that came out last year but I just saw it on Netflix today, it’s call “A Girl Like Her”. It’s about a documentary film team lead by Amy and there following around three high school students, Avery Keller who is the bully, Jessica Burns who is being bullied and her best friend Brian Slater. The film stats us off with Jessica’s suicide attempt due to Avery bulling, but not known to Avery her bulling was caught on video due to Jessica’s small body cam courtesy of her best friend Brian. This film is very good and powerful and I recommend parents to watch this film with there children and have long discussion, bulling needs to stop and it needs to stop now. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

“Coupled” This Is Just So Sad.

So a few days ago Fox’s has aired a new dating show called “Coupled” and let me say OMG!! What a hot mess!!!! Now Mark Burnett is known for his awesome game shows but this show sit women back 100 years. Now I didn’t see the whole show but I saw enough to know that this is just sad, come on you have beautiful, intelligent, and successful women throwing themselves at men coming off a helicopter, so prophetic.

I’m just saying young women shouldn’t look up to shows like this to define who they are or how to get a man. Just be yourself and just you life with god and he’ll but the right man in your life not ratchet TV.

Money!! Money!! Money!! My Review On “Money Monster”.

So yesterday I saw “Money Monster” and let me say it’s very good Jodie Foster did an awesome job directing this movie. This movie give you food for thought on how and where is your money is going? That’s why I love this movie because it deals with real life everyday problems on where our money is really going to? Jodie Foster makes is movie so good and George Clooney and Julia Roberts give us powerful performances this movie is a must see I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Captain America: Civil War, Non Spoiler Review

So on Friday I saw “Captain America”: Civil War and I have to say just one thing, this movie is dripping with awesomeness!! I thought The Winter Solder was good and believe me it is but Civil War just rocks on so many levels and dimensions that just blew my mind. The Russo brothers just knows comic books and how a comic book movie supposed to go.

The acting in “Captain America”: Civil War is terrific, every character stands out so great and outstanding you really feel the emotions in these characters and this movie, and as a big ass comic book fan I just love every minute of it. One of the best of many best scenes in “Civil War” is the airport scene, it’s 17 minutes of absolute madness and joy!! When you see it you’ll understand.

In closing you need to see “Captain America”: Civil War it is I would say one of the best pieces of cinematic joy I’ve have ever scene and I’m giving it a 10 out of 10. Thank you Russo brothers you did it again!!

I Spy.

So today when I was watching the news they say that the billboards in Time Sq are spying on us though our cellphones that’s crazy!! And if it’s true all I can say is wow!!!! That’s not cool that means that every time I walk though Time Sq with my cellphone off that’s not good I need my phone you know. But now these days everything is spying on you, Edward Snowden had proof that The NSA was spying on us by using our phones so why not billboards.

I don’t know if you remember this scene in a movie call “Minority Report” when Tom Cruise was walking through a mall when this electronic billboard took all of his info just by reading his eyes, I know sounds scary but the way technology is going it just may come to that. For the sake of us all I hope not and I hope the was a crazy report I saw on the news because you know as well as I that the news could be great fear mongers, and that’s what they live off and do best.

Don’t get me wrong I love technology I couldn’t send out my blog with out it lol!! I’m just saying be careful out there people the world is watching.


Ok we are just only 4 days way from “Captain America: Civil War” and OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! I remember reading the graphic novel and it was so good so I’m just counting the days. So far Marval and Disney have been real good with there story lines and product so I have no doubt that this movie is going to be awesome!!!! So after I see this movie I will give you my review my friends.