The 9Th Wonder of the World!! Dead at 45 R.I.P. Chyna

WWE has lost another great Legend today, Joanie Laurer aka Chyna pass away this morning at the very young age of 45. Chyna came from The WWE Attitude Era and back then she was sitting and breaking records, she was the first women to enter The WWE Royal Rumble, she was the first and only women to win The WWE Intercontinental Championship. Chyna open up doors for the women’s division in The WWE now, so R.I.P. Chyna thank you entertaining us with great matches that I’ll never forget and being one of the greatest WWE Legend of all Time.

13 thoughts on “The 9Th Wonder of the World!! Dead at 45 R.I.P. Chyna”

    1. It was so sad Wesley I hope she gets the Hall of Fame is sure taking their sweet time doing it though, and on a side note what is up with Goldberg getting the Hall of Fame before the Undertaker The Undertaker is not even in the Hall of Fame yet. I don’t get it. Wrestling politics my friend.


      1. I guess since Goldberg’s more of a question mark than taker he got in before hand. Not sure why chyna isn’t in yet but I’m sure they are saving that for a dx entrance before giving her own spot.

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      2. In my opinion taker will probably call it quits when he gets 5 losses at wrestlemania like the way a good boxer retires. It usually seems like the acceptable numbers of losses for a fighter

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      3. I don’t blame you lmao and it shows what the wwe can do with talent when they pay attention because taker and Rollins is a good example of that. They can make, break and revitalize so ever they like. Cause after last year I lost interest in taker returning but after this spot I was all in again lol

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