The Beautiful People.

So it’s a new year and I promise myself that this year I am not dealing with dumbass people with fuck up issues or just to be politically correct because using the words dumbass people might be a little harsh for this article so I’ll use The Beautiful People sounds good? Ok cool!! Let’s get started. Now last year I had to deal with The Beautiful People and there beautiful issues now please, please, please, do not get me wrong I am not perfect far, far, far, from it hell I got issues too but I don’t take it out on the world like some fuck up super villain trying to burn the world. Case in point just today I ask one of my beautiful people how was you date last night? OMG!! WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPEN!!?? It was like I was killing her mother, and I only just asked a simple question… FUCK ME!!

So this year I’m got to keep my promise to myself because I’m just getting to old to be dealing with The Beautiful People and there issues another case in point I know another beautiful person who I say good morning to everyday and just resent told me to stop because they don’t like it. Once again I say, WHAT THE FUCK!!!????

So I say this to all of my beautiful people Dr.Phil is ready to see you know.