This is so cool!!

Mum C writes

As Ananse weaves his nest
So will I weave these words given to me in simple terms
Well, many claim to be holy spirits
So seek out their Marys in the physical
Ably aided by “Waist and Power”
Hopefully, they aim at digging wells
In their Marys who also deserve to carry wells
To feed the thirst of their bodies
As their tongues are like heated saucepans
Needing anything to cook
Their tummies becoming their prized garbage can
Accepting it all
And their lands; their pay checks
Ready to be sold for digging
Satan says to tell you
He won’t take any blame
None at all
Not for STIs
Not for artificial Jesuses
Not for swindling
Not for demolishings of marital walls
None at all

Like an ant
All must eat
Those who eat like vultures
Must know they have no audience like vultures do
Even hyenas make dumpsters

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