Everyone Needs A Token Baby Jesus At Christmas

OMG!!! This article is so good!! Lol!! 🙂

My Midlife Mayhem

I’ve got earache.

00BA9250-7381-4795-B529-E70368E87F54.jpg The Princess was too mature to adorn the silly moustache. Obviously, mine is real!

It’s either payback for jumping into the pool for that revitalising swim on Christmas Day, (sometime between dessert and cheese), to celebrate the end of a glorious lunch that finally made it to the table in spite of my oven’s best attempts at sabotage when it decided to switch off halfway through cooking the turkey.

Needless to say, I remained calm, if ‘calm’ can be defined as drowning in a bottle of Moet. You can only imagine the military operation to get it going again – thank you God, Google and the Bosch forum.

Or it might have been caused by the swim on Boxing Day morning to help clear the Whisky cobwebs and give the locals a good laugh at my first attempt to glide gracefuly through the water with my new…

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A Second Independence Day Movie! Why?

Well it’s official Hollywood had definitely ran out of ideas I mean really Independence Day 2? WHAT THE HELL HOLLYWOOD!! Why do you keep on shitting on awesome movies and killing my childhood? Hollywood it has to stop!! And it Has to stop now!! I the next five years or more they have remakes on tap. Here’s just a few that come in to mine. Point Break, Taxi Driver, When Harry met Sally, and The Sixth Sense.

You see crazy right? It has to stop!! I like the first Independence Day it was awesome with a great ending, so why fuck that up? I mean don’t get me wrong I love a good sequel if it makes sense and this one just don’t.

Feel The Force!!

Well yesterday I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and let me say OMG!!!! So AWESOME!!!!!! If you are a big Star Was fan then you will love The Force Awakens. I’m not going to give anything away but if you loved Star Wars: A New Hope you’ll love The Force Awakens.

London Calling.

NXT has done it again! Yesterday NXT went seas or should I say over the pond to London for the first time and let me tell you NXT rocked! These superstars and divas are the future of the WWE and let me tell you the future is looking oh so good! As you well know I’m a big NXT fan and this one was awesome 🙆 I’m not going to give anything away but take my word for it it was real good.

It started with Triple H opening the show and as once again as you know I’m a big Triple H fan so I just lost it, and on a side note 📝 Triple H better kick Roman’s ass for that shit he pulled on Sunday put back to NXT Wednesdays show was awesome.

So I’m just saying if you didn’t see NXT Take Over London yesterday then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Get The WWE Network and watch it! Just me you’re love it!


So I just saw Creed today and let me say one word AWESOME!!!!!! This movie brought me back when I was a kid watching the first original Rocky movie just make you fell good all over. I highly recommend Creed its a must see movie for the Rocky fan in all of us.