OMG! NXT was so good last night I am a huge fan! And I hate to say this but it’s better than Raw and SmackDown combined. And if you didn’t see it then I don’t know what to tell you my friends but you are really missing out on something awesome πŸ™†

I don’t want to give anything away but next month NXT is going to be in for NXT Take Over and I for one can’t wait! So I’m all in and you should to become the future is now and it’s call NXT!!!

WTF! UFC 193

This past weekend something shocking happened. Ronda Rousey was defeated for the first time in her career by Holly Holm. I didn’t see this coming OMG I’m just still shocked I’ve haven’t felt like this sense Mike Tyson got KO. I’m so mad 😠 because I’m a big Ronda Rousey fan and the way she lost damn!! I hope she gets better soon so she can come back and take back her title. Good luck πŸ€ Ronda and get better soon 😊