SeaWorld Aims to Revamp Image After Blackfish Blowback


The once-beloved theme park SeaWorld is still reeling from the effects of the 2013 critical documentary Blackfish, which linked stress caused by holding killer whales captive to the 2010 death of a trainer. But SeaWorld Entertainment indicated Thursday it has plans to reshape its brand.

On a call with analysts, during which the Orlando Sentinel reports the company announced its fourth-quarter earnings were worse than expected, SeaWorld announced it would launch a new marketing campaign in April aimed at people who haven’t picked a side in the debate between those who are against keeping animals in captivity and those who remain loyal to the park.

“This is not a hit-and-run, as we say in the marketing world, where you can just advertise for a month and hope it goes away,”Board Chairman and interim CEO David D’Alessandro said. “This is changing mind-sets and making sure mind-sets stay changed, recognizing that…

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Its About Time!!

Finally!!  Spider-Man joins Marval!! Its about time!! Is all I can say!! And I can not wait till 2017 because that’s when it happens. Its going to be awesome!!

Bill Cosby Says His Career Is ‘Far From Finished’



Bill Cosby says his career is not finished.

The comedian, 77, has canceled numerous shows amid the sexual assault allegations made against him by more than a dozen women. But he is scheduled to perform at a Louisiana venue on Friday, and issued a written statement thanking the performing arts center and fans for welcoming him:

“Dear Fans: For 53 years you have given me your love, support, respect and trust. Thank you! I can’t wait to see your smiling faces and warm your hearts with a wonderful gift – LAUGHTER. I’m ready! I thank you, the theatre staff (Heymann Performing Arts Center), the event organizers and the Lafayette community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Hey, hey, hey – I’m far from finished.”

Cosby and his legal representation have continued to deny all claims, while also lashing out at the media for…

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Game On!

Today is the kick off for Indie Cade 2015 here at The Museum of the Moving Image and so for its awesome!! If you’re a gamer like my then get your ass here at the museum here in Queens ny. They have new games for the PS4, mac, and PC’s as well. So check it out or go the website at for more info I’ll be bloging the next two days of Indie Cade.

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The Big One!

So I turn the big 40 on Sunday and I’m so happy. So far 40 is not bad I was waiting for this for ten years lol!! But I’m not going to lie my 30’s was awesome!! I did so much and had so much fun!! Now I enter my 40’s and I know its going to be so cool and awesome!! Now that I’m and 40 Its going to be a new beginning for me in the year 2015 like I said be for out with the old and in with the new.

But I’m so happy I live anther year with my family and friends and the people that I love, God it good!! :). So let see what the 40’s has in store for me. 🙂

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