#SOBU: State of the Black Union


Black Millennials

Written in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Read the full text of the President’s remarks here.

It’s become clear that there is still an unfortunate taboo against speaking on current Black issues. When the mainstream refers to the plight of African Americans, all discussions are relegated to the realm of historical whitewashing. Enlightened conversations surrounding the relentless and continual destruction of Black communities are often scoffed at and dismissed as race-baiting. When we demand that non-Black communities recognize the privilege that comes with keeping us locked in the underclass, we’re given the misnomer of “reverse racists.”

Coded language remains rampant in civil discourse. We are no longer outrightly called racial slurs; instead we’re criminals and thugs deserving of death at the hands of law enforcement. The language is persistent and reinforced through tropes aggrandized by well-financed propaganda.

Furthermore, the global Black community has received no empathy or consciousness within…

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