And So It Begins.

So time back I blog about a five year plan to get out of security and so far the plan is in motion and I’m so happy!! :). First I start school in January and I can’t wait, I don’t hate what I do its just I’ve been doing this for a very long time with no respect and very, very, very, little money. Don’t get me wrong the place I work at is awesome it the management sucks if your a security officer here. There are no rises here and no way of moving up that’s why I have to get out of here and security altogether.

You know its bad when security is getting a rise every six year at 5% and management are getting it every year at 20% something not right. Hopefully knock on wood I can get the fuck out by next year!! Let’s see what happens. But on a brighter note I met someone and she is so awesome! Her name is Desilyn and we are going on our first date next Friday wish me luck guys!! πŸ™‚

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