It is what it is, but consider what it could be.

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loraxThree years ago, I took on the job of turning around an underperforming team. That’s the nice way of saying it. The not-nice way of saying it is that they were pretty much a clusterf**k bunch in need of a thorough house-cleaning and reboot. Friday was my last official day on the job. I have a couple of loose ends to tie up, but on Monday I move on to a new job, where I will be doing pretty much the same thing with a different team. This seems to have become my thing.

In the job that I’m wrapping up, I came across a phrase that irked me.

It is what it is.

The phrase irked me because it indicated give-up, and it was a bit of a mantra among the team. In their defense, their situation was crappy, at least from their perspective. They were mostly good people…

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