Ring of Racism in the Squared Circle.

The wwe is in hot water one of there wwe superstars Alberto Del Rio just got fired for calling Triple H and The wwe racist. Alberto clams that Triple H is very racist to the Mexican wrestler and the wwe is covering it up and that’s why they let him go. Rey Mysterio anther wwe superstar has just quit the wwe in support on his friend Del Rio, also Sin Cara, and Ricardo Rodriguez are also in support of Del Rio and has walked off the job as well. I’m a big wrestling fan and I love the wwe but if this is true then its fuck up and wrong and I sad this before and I’ll say it again but the wwe superstars need to be in a union.

Don’t get my wrong some unions are good and some are unions are bad but they need something or someone to fight for them so they don’t have to go though this bullshit. I wish the best for Alberto Del Rio and the rest of the superstars in the wwe  keep fighting the good fight until Justice is severed.     mick foley

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