Above The Law

Its OUT OF CONTROL!! NYPD and the cops in Ferguson think they’re Above the Law Obama speaks of equally for everyone in this country but not when you are black. I know Obama is doing all he can but he has to do more it injustice how these cops can go around shooting unarmed young black men and say you had no chose, well you do have a chose not to pull you gun out in the first place.

Which leads me to the NYPD office who shot that young man in his own building a few days ago now tell me how fuck up is that? And he was shot in front of his girfriend that’s so fuck up and wrong like I said something has to change in this country or we’re not going to make it.

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Die! MTA Die!!

Ok I know I blogged  a few times about The MTA and how much I HATE THEM SO MUCH AND I HOPE THEY ALL BURN IN HELLL!!!!!   But I’m working on getting better now but this weekend it took me 2 hours to get home,  2 FUCKING HOURS!!    Sorry about that but like I said I’m working on it…  But I don’t feel to bad cause now I know I’m not alone.

BloodSport (Frank Dux Master of The Kumite!)

When I was a kid I saw the movie BloodSport the true story of Frank Dux played by Jean-Cloude Van Damme.  I love this movie but I love the story of Frank Dux the only western that ever won The Kumite  I mean come on!! This is the man that was in 328 Kumite and was undefeated in all and holds 4 word records that still stands today fucking awesome!!  3 years ago I went to this martial arts super show with Grandmaster Soto and I met Grandmaster Frank Dux  I was so happy and I love every min of it BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!   🙂

Me and Grandmaster Frank Dux
Me and Grandmaster Frank Dux

Marvel Phase 3.

In the past 6 years Marvel has been kicking so much ass and taking a lot of names on the big screen and I’m loving it!! In 2008 Marvel kicked it off with Iron Man and never looked back. And now that phase 3 is on and poping I can’t wait, when I saw this video I went crazy and started to GEEK OUT!!!  I mean I’m like WHAT THE FUCK!! Marvel just can’t get any better.   Marvel Rocks!!!   🙂          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2VoJuVfbjI&feature=player_detailpage&list=WL