No More Ice Bucket Challeage!! ( GIVE MONEY!!)

  For the last few weeks all of these big time super stars and rich people have been dropping big buckets of ice water onto there heads and bodies for ALS or The Lou Gehrig’s Disease and I know that’s awesome and all but these big rich super stars can easily give money.  So far the people I saw doing this trend, yes I said! Trend! Are all of NBC Today show, Fox5 News, Lance Bass, Martha Stewart, Nick Swisher, and many more who has so much and not giving at all I know times are hard but not for these super stars who have it but won’t give it. I don’t have much but out of my dojo I gave $10,000 because putting big buckets of ice water on my head is not going to help find a cure for this disease but money and research will.

   You know for every ice bucket that was drop that could have been a donation of $12, 15, even 20, would have been great hell $1 would have been cool instead of these stupid dumbass youtube video trends. To me it just looks like America is taking something as horrible as The Lou Gehrig’s Disease and make it into some kind of late night show stunt is just sad to me and I think it has to stop. So people I’m just saying save the ice bucket dumping for The NFL and just give money.         

2014, The Year of Block Lesnar.

The Real Champ is Here!!

     This year for Block Lesnar has been awesome it all stared at this years WrestleMania when he shocked the world and myself by beating and ending one the greasiest steaks in wresting history by beating The Undertaker making his record now 21-1 and Brock Lesnar is the 1. And now at last nights wwe Summer Slam at L.A. Staples Center Brock Lesnar became the new wwe  champ by beating HOLY HELL FIRE!! out of John Cena. And my friends this wan’t even a match it was all Lesnar all the way, hell the first 30 sec into the match Lesnar hits Cena with an ring rocking F5 and it was all down hill from there for Cena that is. Paul Heyman Brock Lesnar’s manager said it best  “Cena is going to get the beating of his life” and my god he did. The former UFC champ and mixed martial artistes give a grade A brutal beat down to John Cena in fact there was one part of the match were Brock delivered 16 germen suplexes in one match that was crazy!!  Don’t get me wrong John put up a little bit of a fight  but it just wasn’t enough.

  Now that Brock is the champ I don’t think there is no one in the wwe that can stop this man, this beast!! The only thing I can think of is it someone for The UFC come to the wwe and take him on and that would be so awesome if that happens, but until then the Lesnar era is here my friends and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Oh Captain My Captain!!

  Well what can I say about the man they call Mork from Ork that he was a great man and will be missed by a lot of fan like me.  Robin Williams died yesterday morning at the awesome young age of 63 and to tell you the truth I can’t believe he is gone I was just watching season one of The Crazy Ones and it was so good. Robin Williams was a genius in his art and one of a kind, I grew up watching Robin Williams on t.v. shows like Mork and Mindy to Law and Order, and from movies like Dead Poets Society to What Dreams May Come.        In his final tweet and Instagram post on July 31, Robins wished his daughter a happy 25th birthday: “#tbt and Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae Williams! Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl. Happy Birthday @zeldawilliams Love you!”      R.I.P.  Robin Williams 1951-2014   63 Years Young    God called you home.   


Na Nu!  Na Nu!!