Begging a New Road

So sometime in the next five years I want to start a new career I think its time, I’ve been in the field of security for the past 16 years I don’t hate I don’t hate doing security but I went as high as I can go and in the field and plus I don’t want to do security in my 50’s.

So I’m going back to school again lol! The reason why I say again is because I just finish school two years ago and got my CPP and Security Management at John Jay. So I’m going back to school to learn how to become an Interpreter in Sign Language, I just want to help people more and do a lot more. I’m not saying in security you don’t do more because trust me you do a lot more with little pay and no respect.

I like helping people that’s why I went into the field of security so I can do just that and it felt so good to know that you helped someone in need and you did your job. But now that feeling is gone because the respect is gone, you work hard for less pay and I think it just time for me to move on. So at 39 I’m going to try a new road and see how I do?

I think that getting into the field of being an Sign Language Interpreter will be good for me I trust in myself to do the right thing and I trust in God to show me the way.

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7 thoughts on “Begging a New Road”

      1. I’ve been distracted by the medical needs of my wife. Much progress has been made, mainly because we switched doctors. I will be forming a post that will explain my absence and hopefully reengage with the WP community.


  1. I’m back after being absorbed in some pressing concerns. Interesting and very people oriented your choice for a new career. Quite a change in direction ‘young fellow’ that you are. Reminds me of when the inspiration hit me to become a cabinetmaker which culminated developing rough and finish carpentry skills. The aromas floating in the air of my then wife’s brother cabinetmaking shop in Flatbush Brooklyn hooked me.

    Yes! God gives us all brains to use to the fullest.

    We who have been blessed to survive birth, tainted inoculation overloads, and have reasonable physical, mental, and emotional capacities, understand the benefits of serving and reaching out to others, who may not have faired as well as (us) and others.

    Still love your static page picture…


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