Check Your Bags at the Door!

OMG!! What is wrong with people! Yesterday my family and I went to this restaurant in Brooklyn for the 4th of July I won’t say the name of this restaurant but I’ll tell you this I’ll won’t be going back there again. The staff there is so horrible everyone there attitude from the time we came in to the we lift, I mean I know its hard to work on the holidays but come on! Some people just have to suck it up and check your bags at the door!!

We all have to work hell I work on weekends do I want to work weekends? HELL NO!! But it is what it is and you just have to do it. But yeah when we got there and sat down it took them over an hour to serve us and mined you this place was not that busy and not that big so is was not they did not see us you know?

The food is not bad but there service stinks the best part of the night was being with my family but my thing it this if you’re having a bad day and you are on your way to work please, please, please, for the love of God!! Check Your Bags at the Door!! Thank you!!

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