“What’s Up Doc”? The Animation Art of The Late Great Chuck Jones.

At The Museum of the Moving Image there is a great exhibition on the master of animation Chuck Jones. Charles Martin Jones (1912-2002) made some of the most popular cartoons of all time Jones’s creative genius, as well as the influences he drew on from fine art and popular culture, and the legacy of his work on the field of animation. At the museum the exhibition features 23 of Chuck Jones’s cartoons, interactive experiences, and more than 125 original sketches and drawing, storyboards, production backgrounds, animation cells, and photographs, demonstrating how Jones and his collaborators worked together to create some of the worlds greatest and funniest cartoons ever made.

The exhibition is from July 19, 2014-January 19,2015 for me this is one of the best time working here because I’m a big fan of Chuck Jones and I get to see this great exhibition to a great man who made me crack up for years and still do. 🙂 The Museum of the Moving Image is in Queens ny at 36-01 35 avenue Astoria New York, so when you get the time come down and relive your childhood I’ll know you’ll love it.

Begging a New Road

So sometime in the next five years I want to start a new career I think its time, I’ve been in the field of security for the past 16 years I don’t hate I don’t hate doing security but I went as high as I can go and in the field and plus I don’t want to do security in my 50’s.

So I’m going back to school again lol! The reason why I say again is because I just finish school two years ago and got my CPP and Security Management at John Jay. So I’m going back to school to learn how to become an Interpreter in Sign Language, I just want to help people more and do a lot more. I’m not saying in security you don’t do more because trust me you do a lot more with little pay and no respect.

I like helping people that’s why I went into the field of security so I can do just that and it felt so good to know that you helped someone in need and you did your job. But now that feeling is gone because the respect is gone, you work hard for less pay and I think it just time for me to move on. So at 39 I’m going to try a new road and see how I do?

I think that getting into the field of being an Sign Language Interpreter will be good for me I trust in myself to do the right thing and I trust in God to show me the way.

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The MTA! Still Not Going My Way!!

  OMG!!! The MTA fucked me again a train ride that always takes me 45mins to get to work yesterday it took my ass two fucking hours to get to work. I can’t take it no more I mean come on this is the future where are the flying cars? Like Star Trek where are the teleport pads? I think syfy lied to us and said we would have these things at this time oh the lies!!! 

  But back to the MTA and how fucked up they are and now these assholes what to go on strike and put a lot of New Yorkers no way to get to work and its not far. I’m all about getting more money and better benefits but at what cost? The union and the MTA need to sit back down and lets get started before I start building my teleport pad.   🙂 


Check Your Bags at the Door!

OMG!! What is wrong with people! Yesterday my family and I went to this restaurant in Brooklyn for the 4th of July I won’t say the name of this restaurant but I’ll tell you this I’ll won’t be going back there again. The staff there is so horrible everyone there attitude from the time we came in to the we lift, I mean I know its hard to work on the holidays but come on! Some people just have to suck it up and check your bags at the door!!

We all have to work hell I work on weekends do I want to work weekends? HELL NO!! But it is what it is and you just have to do it. But yeah when we got there and sat down it took them over an hour to serve us and mined you this place was not that busy and not that big so is was not they did not see us you know?

The food is not bad but there service stinks the best part of the night was being with my family but my thing it this if you’re having a bad day and you are on your way to work please, please, please, for the love of God!! Check Your Bags at the Door!! Thank you!!

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