Hell Date!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope everyone’s Friday is a great and awesome one, because for me I’m here at work still trying to finger out WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO GET FUCK UP BAD DATES FROM HELL!!!!!! Ok so let me start by my brother setting me up with one of his good friends, he told me she’s been single for two year’s and she is looking for someone to hang with so I told my brother ok I’ll do it and plus I’m single to and this could be fun, but I was wrong.

So last night we was going to meet up for dinner and a movie we set a time for 7pm at 14st union sq. But when I got there she was not at all. So I waited a few mins and then I called her, I ask were are you? She said she is on her way she is just two blocks away, so I said ok see you soon. Two hours later she comes and she is not alone, she brings some guy to our date so I’m thinking maybe its her brother but why will she bring her brother to our date? Once again I was wrong. It wasn’t her brother it was her boyfriend, WHAT THE FUCK!!! This bitch brings her boyfriend to our date! Oh it gets better she said she told me about him.

For the love of Thor! I can’t make this shit up!! So I step away called my brother and just unleash HELL on he’s ass!!! He told me she was single he clam he did not know, FUCK ME!!! I just can’t catch a break!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Hell Date!”

  1. I’m sorry for laughing, but bringing a boyfriend on a date with someone else? That’s a new one! (I had a date bring his best friend once. I liked the friend better than my date. Awkward.)


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