Morihei Ueshiba Master of Aikido

So as you all know I’m still on my Spring Diet which I am doing so good in, so far I have lost 20lbs all together and I fill so AWESOME!!!! By eating right and working out this diet has been so much fun!! 🙂 In my last Spring Diet blog I talk about the art of Aikido, Aikido is an Japanese martial art that was founded by Master Morihei Ueshiba. When I was 7 years old I started doing Aikido but I stop at my late teen, now at 39 I’m back doing it again and I forgot how much I love this art. When I stop I was a brown belt so I can hold my own Lol!!

But back to Morihei Ueshiba or better known in the states as O’Sensei (Great Teacher) was the founding father of Aikido, at 170lbs and standing at 5’1 Master Ueshiba was a master swordsmen and a Buddhist priest, O’Sensei showed you that size really did not matter at all!! He would use your own physical strength to put you down and trust me it works. Lol!! So enjoy this rare video of O’Sensei and you’ll see why he is one of my biggies Idols.

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