The World Comes To Queens

Now I was not around when The World’s Fair was in Queens I’m only 39 but I wish I was it looks like a hell of a lot of fun! :). At my job in The Museum of the Moving Image there is an exhibition on the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs, and it is awesome!! The exhibition shows the history of The World’s Fairs and all the cool events that went on in the Fair.

My dad is so awesome because he went to the 1964’s World’s Fair and he has so many great, cool, and awesome pic’s of that day, hell my dad also went to the 1969 WoodStock I know right! So awesome! But I’ll tell that story another time. This exhibition at my job is not bad sense I’ve seen it I’ve been on youtube looking at old videos of the Fair and at the Museum they have six old videos of the Fair as well.

So I just want to know my friends if you or anyone you know has ever been to The World’s Fair to tell your story and tell me what your thous on The Worlds Fair.

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May The Force Be With You

In 2015 The Force is going to be unleashed again and I can’t wait!! I am a BIG Star Wars fan and to see it on the big screen again is going to be so awesome! This is not a real trailer for Episode vII so for that I am so sorry but if you are a StarWars fan who cares right? Its StarWars come on lol!! So enjoy my young Jedi’s and May The Force Be With You. Always…

Hell Date!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope everyone’s Friday is a great and awesome one, because for me I’m here at work still trying to finger out WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO GET FUCK UP BAD DATES FROM HELL!!!!!! Ok so let me start by my brother setting me up with one of his good friends, he told me she’s been single for two year’s and she is looking for someone to hang with so I told my brother ok I’ll do it and plus I’m single to and this could be fun, but I was wrong.

So last night we was going to meet up for dinner and a movie we set a time for 7pm at 14st union sq. But when I got there she was not at all. So I waited a few mins and then I called her, I ask were are you? She said she is on her way she is just two blocks away, so I said ok see you soon. Two hours later she comes and she is not alone, she brings some guy to our date so I’m thinking maybe its her brother but why will she bring her brother to our date? Once again I was wrong. It wasn’t her brother it was her boyfriend, WHAT THE FUCK!!! This bitch brings her boyfriend to our date! Oh it gets better she said she told me about him.

For the love of Thor! I can’t make this shit up!! So I step away called my brother and just unleash HELL on he’s ass!!! He told me she was single he clam he did not know, FUCK ME!!! I just can’t catch a break!!!!

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Morihei Ueshiba Master of Aikido

So as you all know I’m still on my Spring Diet which I am doing so good in, so far I have lost 20lbs all together and I fill so AWESOME!!!! By eating right and working out this diet has been so much fun!! πŸ™‚ In my last Spring Diet blog I talk about the art of Aikido, Aikido is an Japanese martial art that was founded by Master Morihei Ueshiba. When I was 7 years old I started doing Aikido but I stop at my late teen, now at 39 I’m back doing it again and I forgot how much I love this art. When I stop I was a brown belt so I can hold my own Lol!!

But back to Morihei Ueshiba or better known in the states as O’Sensei (Great Teacher) was the founding father of Aikido, at 170lbs and standing at 5’1 Master Ueshiba was a master swordsmen and a Buddhist priest, O’Sensei showed you that size really did not matter at all!! He would use your own physical strength to put you down and trust me it works. Lol!! So enjoy this rare video of O’Sensei and you’ll see why he is one of my biggies Idols.

Jack is Back Part 2

OMG!! Jack is back!!! 24 Live Another Day was so hot last night. I’m just mad that it only going to be 12 episode season 😦 but its all good because its back and that’s all I care about. πŸ™‚ Last night episode takes place 4 years after Jack saved the world again, he is now hunted down by The C.I.A. for the actions he did in season 8 and it takes off from there. I’m not going to give it all a way you guys just going to have to see it for your self, 24 is just AWESOME!!! And that’s all I’m going to say about that. πŸ™‚