The Streak is Over!!

  OMG!!! History was made last night Sunday April 6, 2014 one of the greatest streaks I’ve ever saw is over. The Undertaker is now 21-1 at WrestleMania WTF MAN!!!!    I was beside myself…  But what a match The Undertaker put his streak on the line ageist Brock Lesner it was awesome!! The match started with The Undertaker coming down to the ring as he’s is coming down there are  21  coffins  on his path to the ring each coffin has the name of the wrestler he’s beaten over the past 21 years so awesome. But last night I cried man tears as I watch the streak die, not good! Not good at all! But it had a good run and 21-1 is not bad so thank you dead man and thank you WrestleMania 30 for putting on one hell of a match.  If you want to know happen in the other matches like Daniel Bryan and Triple H go to   

3 thoughts on “The Streak is Over!!”

  1. OMG! I haven’t watched wrestling for years (decades), but I remember how it used to be so much fun! All the drama, like a very athletic soap opera. I used to like George “the animal” Steel, Jake the Snake and Randy Savage, lots of those guys really put on a good show. Who cares if it was ‘real’ or not?


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