The Body, The Blood, The Machine, The Awesome Band Known as The Thermals

I love Indie Rock and The Thermals is one of my favorite Indie Bands Ever!! Its just something about them that’s just so hot and awesome. The Portland base band has hit songs like “Sunset”, “Returning to the Fold”, “Born to Kill”, “An Ear For Baby”, and two of my favorites “How We Know”, and “Pillar of Salt”. That was the song that made me a fan and I never looked back I can’t wait to see them live again!! 🙂


Jack Is Back

Ok now this is what I really can’t wait for and that is 24!! This show was the show that changed how we was watching TV. This show was about a awesome man name Jack Bauer and how you watch him go threw a hold day of crazy shit happing to him and the best part about the show above all that the show was in real time. So the clock is ticking and it time to watch Jack and Chloe back in action again.


There are a lot of real good movies coming out this May and this Summer but the one I want to see the most is Godzila!! I grow up watching Godzila movies when I was a kid so I just can’t wait for this one. There was one Godzila movie that came out some years ago that SUCKED ASS!! So I hope this one is good!!

Spring Diet Part 3

Ok so I have good news I lost 10lbs and I’m so happy!! But I know I have more to go and Spring is not over yet. Today I have my Aikido class today and I just love this class its so much fun it a Marital Art from Japan and its so cool! When I was a kid I was taking Aikido but I stop in my late teens now I’m back taking it again. And tomorrow if the weather is good after work I’m going to ride my bike in Central Park I just got to get the old bike fix. Lol!!

MTA Not Going My Way!!

OMG!! The MTA really Fuck up this weekend! It took me an hour and a half to get to work and two hours to het home! I mean come on!! MTA need to get there shit together and get shit right!! Every weekend there always doing track work, track work, track work. And don’t forget track work. But I never see this track work being done nor the people doing the work, oh I know maybe they come out when you sleep you know like elves.

Spring Diet Part 2

Ok so far my diet is going good I cut out a lot of things and I’m starting to eat right. And I’m doing a lot of working out, running, and started taking up Akikdo. Its so much fun I love this art!! But I’m happy to say that I lost 5lbs and going to lose more!! :). I CAN DO IT!!!

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