Smile Like You Mean It.

I wrote this blog a few years ago all because I told a female friend to smile because she has a great smile it lights up the room.  But she gets mad and said it’s offensive, WOW!!! REALLY!!?? I don’t get it? Not to sound like an ass but I fine that very dumb!! If someone ask me to smile I won’t get mad nor offended friends who know me knows I love to smile.  🙂  So ladies I just want to know how do you feel about this? And why is it so offensive?


Spring Diet

 Hey everyone its me bigdave I’m sorry I don’t have a pic up yet I’m working on it lol! It’s the first day of Spring and day 1 of my diet and let me tell you I hate it!  But I’m 39 years old and I’m not getting any younger so here I go!! Don’t worry my friends I’ll keep you posted my diet and anything else that cross my mine.