There Are Two Sides To Every Victim Story

This is so true and real. I love it!!

My Midlife Mayhem By Louisa Simmonds

What a sad week it has been in the news; a week when the adage that there are two sides to every story has never rung more true. throwing-154588_1280

There’s not a lot I can add to the extensive debate surrounding the Depp/Heard story, but when I began this post, soon after the news first hit the press, the reaction of the haters who had come out to bag the victim – that is THE VICTIM –  forced me onto my soapbox.

If anyone ever questioned why women hold back from reporting domestic violence, this case has confirmed the answer. It’s fear and vilification. For in the days since it was first reported, we know every reason why Heard decided to make up a story about Johnny beating her up (money), we know about every dollar that she doesn’t earn (motive) and every manipulative reason she might have for humiliating him. While…

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The Greatest Of All Time. Muhammad Ali Dead At The Age Of 74.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, he was the greatest Muhammad Ali!!! On June 3, 2016 Cassius Clay or the world will come to know him best as the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali past away at the young age of 74. This has been a hard year to lose so many good people back to back like this so sad, but Ali left us with great epic fights and an awesome legacy. Of course the greatest epic fight of them all Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman I’m talking about “The Thriller in Manila” I don’t think anyone will forget that one or the phrase “Rope a dope”.

Although I am sad that he is gone and with the lord now we could celebrate the bright light that he was and still is in this world. The Man that his was, The Champ that he was, The father that he was, The son that he was, and The husband that he was, what a man.

So thank you Ali for being who you are and never changing for nobody!!! And thank you fighting for what you believe in inside and outside the ring.

A Life Of A Bully. My Movie Review

There’s a documentary film by Amy S. Weber that came out last year but I just saw it on Netflix today, it’s call “A Girl Like Her”. It’s about a documentary film team lead by Amy and there following around three high school students, Avery Keller who is the bully, Jessica Burns who is being bullied and her best friend Brian Slater. The film stats us off with Jessica’s suicide attempt due to Avery bulling, but not known to Avery her bulling was caught on video due to Jessica’s small body cam courtesy of her best friend Brian. This film is very good and powerful and I recommend parents to watch this film with there children and have long discussion, bulling needs to stop and it needs to stop now. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

“Coupled” This Is Just So Sad.

So a few days ago Fox’s has aired a new dating show called “Coupled” and let me say OMG!! What a hot mess!!!! Now Mark Burnett is known for his awesome game shows but this show sit women back 100 years. Now I didn’t see the whole show but I saw enough to know that this is just sad, come on you have beautiful, intelligent, and successful women throwing themselves at men coming off a helicopter, so prophetic.

I’m just saying young women shouldn’t look up to shows like this to define who they are or how to get a man. Just be yourself and just you life with god and he’ll but the right man in your life not ratchet TV.