Hey my friends! It’s been a long time since I wrote on WordPress I just want to say how is everybody and their families? I hope everybody is doing okay and it’s crazy crisis. I know a lot of articles are talking about the Coronavirus and I probably get around talking about it eventually but right now I just want to talk about how much I love my family how much right now people need to hug and squeeze and Families and loved ones, I know it’s crazy out there but if you put your trust in God we are all going to be my right to this craziness.

I just recently got married in February actually I got married on February 14th Valentine’s Day, I love my wife so much and I love my kids so very much. My wife’s crazy job how’s it going back to work today and I’m trying to stop crying as I’m writing this article damn I miss her so much already, but I know God is good and I know she’s going to be okay.

End clothing I just want to say love is strong and Love is Real and if anything this stupid virus have done right is bring families more closer together so if your quarantine with your families do me a favor stay with them hug them so tight to you and keep them close to your heart because this too shall pass and we all going to be okay my friends. So God bless you all stay strong and I’ll talk to you next time my friends.

John Campea The Negativity is Strong in this One.

Oh boy here we go again another movie critic getting their jollies thrashing what I think was a great movie now did it had its flaws? Absolutely!! Did it had plot holes? Of course! What movie doesn’t, and don’t get me wrong everyone’s is entitled to their own opinion and I think that’s great and all but come on dude this movie had everything and room for more that I know there going to be putting on Disney+ it just makes sense and I for one is loving where they’re going with it so thank you JJ Abrams and keep it up!!

WARNING!!  If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet don’t click on the video link!!   But if you did please click on the link and tell me if I’m overreacting.



Watch “WPLJ 95.5 New York – End of WPLJ Announcement – Todd & Jayde – May 8 2019” on YouTube

Wow this is an end of an era 95.5 PLJ is now officially off the air I just heard the Last Broadcast and I am very sad I know I say this a lot and I truly mean it part of my childhood truly died just now, I’ve been listening to PLJ since I was a kid and they hear it go off the air brings tears to my eyes I really miss all of the Antics in the morning growing up listening to Scott & Todd in the morning just won’t be the same radio is officially dead this is just a sad day. I just want to say the PLJ thank you for all the memories and a good times and being the soundtrack of my life thank you so much PLJ good luck to everybody on their future endeavors PLJ for always in my heart live forever.

Watch “THE LAST OF US 2 – Gameplay Demo Walkthrough | PS4” on YouTube

Well you guys probably do or don’t know that I am a big video game fanatic and I am a big fan of horror survival games this one in particular The Last of Us Part 2 which I cannot wait for it to come out but my big question is when is it coming out? I thought it was sometime in the spring but now I think they going to do two things release it by the holidays or where we sit with the PS5 if they do release it for the PS5 I’m going to be upset! LOL because I bought the PS4 just for The Last of Us Part 2. I’m just praying they’re still releasing it for the PS4.

Well we’re going to have to wait and see but I for one cannot wait for this game to come out I’m a big fan of naughty dog and all the games they produce The Last of Us is by far one of the best horror survival games I have ever played, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against re2 remake but the last of us just feels more realistic situations and all. I do recommend everyone to play re2 remake it’s really good. But definitely play The Last of Us it is a worthwhile playing game and I can get you ready for the Last of Us Part 2 which I cannot wait!